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It is entirely possible that many people are currently suffering from bruxism without any knowledge of their condition. One of these patients could be you! Bruxism is a condition that involves teeth grinding and clenching, and occurs subconsciously. In fact, the most common type of bruxism is sleep bruxism.  In these cases patients grind their teeth while asleep. This condition often exists for many years before it’s diagnosed.


If you have noticed any changes in your smile, we invite you to compare them to the following symptoms of bruxism:

— Your bruxism could occur alongside a disorder in your jaw, such as TMD.

— You frequently experience earaches and headaches when you wake up in the morning.

— You have noticed your teeth appearing flat, chipped, cracked, or dull, and are unable to account for the cause of the damage.

— Your teeth often feel sensitive and sore, which could be a result of bruxism.

— Your cheek and tongue tissues have indentations or feel cut up due to frequent tooth grinding.

— Someone has pointed out to you that you have a tendency to grind or clench your teeth loudly when you sleep.

— Morning brings a sore jaw and facial pain.

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