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Have you ever wondered if your cleaning habits were enough to prevent cavities from forming? The truth is that by following a simple set of guidelines including brush and flossing daily, your likelihood of developing cavities with drop greatly. For more helpful tips, see below:

– When you eat foods high in sugar, the bacteria in plaque within your mouth can convert the sugars into harmful acids that can eat through tooth enamel. To avoid cavities, limit sugar intake.
– Ensure your teeth and gums are well cleaned and cared for by brushing and flossing daily, twice a day for brushing, and once per day with a floss.
– Eat healthy foods high in calcium and phosphorus, which are minerals that aid in strengthening tooth enamel.
– Stick to cleaning tools that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance or those products which have been given your dentist’s approval.
– Try to attend checkups with your dentist whenever possible. For additional care, schedule 2 professional cleanings per year.
– Try to avoid sticky or chewy foods that linger in the mouth after eating them. To help with keeping a clean mouth after meals, try using sugarless gum and mouthwash.

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