Stainless Steel: Now for Dental Crowns?

Stainless steel can be used in more than just the kitchen: it can also be used to strengthen your health through installation of stainless-steel dental crowns. Read this article to find out a tiny bit more about the beneficial effects dental crowns can have on your health and when and... Read more »

Checkup with Us if You’re Pregnant

If you've been pregnant, you understand that it takes numerous medical appointments, and that can include lots of prescriptions. (And if you think you’ll be expecting soon, you'll definitely find out how busy a pregnancy can be!) To aid your doctors as they care for you during your pregnancy, there... Read more »

Keeping Your Dentures Clean

If you are new to dentures, you might be under the impression that your days of brushing your teeth have come to an end. The truth of the matter is that while your method of brushing will change, you will still need to take care of your dentures. Although they... Read more »

Restore a Tooth With a Dental Crown

Dr. Tayo Ogunsola may recommend a dental crown in Frisco, Texas, to restore a tooth. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the entire visible portion of a tooth to protect it and to restore its shape, size, and strength. When is a dental crown needed?... Read more »

Properly Clean Your Orthodontic Retainer by Using Our Tips

If you want a straight, healthy, and beautiful smile for a lifetime, you need to wear and care for your retainer. If you care for your appliance, it will care for you. So, to help you keep it in tip-top shape, our orthodontist, Dr. Tayo Ogunsola, encourages you to clean... Read more »

A Toothache May Mean a Failing Filling

Sometimes a toothache is more than simply tiresome. Often it has a more serious cause requiring treatment at Dr. Tayo Ogunsola’s Frisco, Texas clinic. One reason for a toothache is a failing dental filling. If a dental filling loosens, the natural bacteria in your mouth can invade the seam between... Read more »

The Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Sugar Intake

If you want your child to have a cavity-free smile, you need to start by reducing the amount of sugar your child consumes. This might be a difficult task, especially because sugary treats are delicious. So, to help you save your child’s smile, our dentist, Dr. Tayo Ogunsola, encourages you... Read more »

The Unknown Tips for Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious dental issue that can destroy the smile if it’s left untreated. Now, almost everyone knows that oral hygiene and regular dental visits can help prevent this disease, but did you know there are also other ways that can help? Well, it’s true, and Dr. Tayo... Read more »

Oral Health Essentials: Sleep Apnea Treatments

Are you aware that sleep apnea is a disorder that occurs when individuals have interrupted breathing patterns while they sleep? Although sleep apnea is difficult to detect, there are various risk factors involved in the development and presence of the disorder. Your gender and genetics may play a pivotal role... Read more »

Braces Have Advanced Over Time

When you think of braces, do you think of big, unattractive brackets and wires that slowly move your teeth? If so, think again. Because of advancements in orthodontic technology, Dr. Tayo Ogunsola can align your teeth with better, simpler, and even more convenient appliances. In fact, our orthodontic team is... Read more »