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Dr. Tayo Ogunsola installed your braces at his Frisco, Texas clinic as an important first step and functional tool to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. With the orthodontic elements in place, he will then need to routinely tighten your braces every four to six weeks.

Each one of these sessions will bring your teeth one minute step closer to their ideal alignment. Consistent adjustment sessions are a critical for keeping the duration of realignment to a minimum.

The appointment is also a good opportunity to replace spacers, bands or other pieces of hardware that have suffered from a little wear and tear.

Even though the braces hardware has been designed to be very durable, some elements can still be susceptible to gradual wear and tear. If you’ve noticed a problem spot, you should tell Dr. Tayo Ogunsola. That way he can repair or replace it at the end of the adjustment appointment.

Your appointment is also a good opportunity to ask questions any oral hygiene questions. If you’ve been struggling to clean around a specific area, Dr. Tayo Ogunsola can advise you on new oral hygiene tools and techniques to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

If you are due for your next adjustment session, or some part of your braces is giving you trouble, you should call 214-436-5400 to set up your next appointment at Dr. Tayo Ogunsola Frisco, Texas clinic.